Minimum Requirement

Minimum Requirement

Back in the days when runway models were still somewhat relevant, a certain model (Linda Evangelista) had declared, “I don’t get out of bed for less than $10K a day.”

You know what? I can say the same these days too!

“I don’t get out for anything less than 10K.”

Except I mean 10km… :p

It’s just crazy how the distances shrink by the day, to the point where anything less than 10k seems like a short sprint and practically fruitless to attempt.

If I don my running shoes, it’s because I intend to burn at least 10k in them (or climb up 300 flights of stairs in a day — which was just attempted and duly completed yesterday but it was done in two separate sessions).

In case anyone’s wondering, I still have a normal life. Case in point: last Saturday involved a hearty run at the reservoir, brunch with friend followed by a full body massage and gorging on sinful food at Orchard, and scatching up with another dear friend who just got back from the States.

Life is goooood.

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