Injinji socks to the rescue

Injinji socks to the rescue

As I ramp up the weekly mileage during training over the last few weeks, blisters have fast become a nagging issue. I’m thinking, “if this is what I get for a few hours’ training a week, what shape would I be in during the actual race, where I’ll be running a few hours a DAY for 7 days straight?

Injinji socks to the rescue! I’ve heard about these special toe socks for a while but never considered them seriously. Well, having put them to the test on a few long runs I can now say I have found my Holy Grail Running Socks. Aside from the fact that they make my feet look a bit like Mickey Mouse/Michael Jackson gloves, these socks really are a wonder. They feel almost like second skin, and even though I’m sure my feet are sweating as I run in this humidity, the sweat seems to be gone now. The moisture management technology they’ve been touting in these socks really do work! So glad I can focus on my running now instead of worrying about uncalled for pain.

Frankly, I’m not even sure how I had managed running without these socks beforehand. Bye bye blisters!

In short, I’d heartily recommended Injinji socks to anyone who is looking to get rid of sweaty/blistered feet once and for all.

NB. I got the Original Mini Crew version. The higher cut protects my heels from friction from the back of the shoes. More info on the socks here.

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